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Reidar and Heidi Solheim
Reidar and I are very pleased with the purchase process that you helped us through, Sunniva. From the first contact with you until the key was delivered when we arrived at the airport. You were there waiting for us.Thank you so much for the help.

Regards, Heidi and Reidar
Helma Flolid
Our meeting with Sunniva and Real Invest went very well from the first conversation, we decided to buy an apartment without having seen it and Sunniva was very professional and attentive to all our questions. She is serious and could never have sold us something that was bad. We can safely recommend her for a safe purchase and follow-up.
Bente Prestøy and Bjarte Vevatne
We have used Real Invest during 2 sales and one purchase and are very pleased with the work that has been done by Sunniva and Oskar in all our cases. They have taken our interests seriously and we felt good taken care of by them. Honest and professional throughout the process. We recommend Real Invest.100% satisfied.
Best regards
Bente Prestøy and Bjarte Vevatne
Kirsten B. Lorentzen
Sunniva Torset took over a very complicated sale after all the mess the previous broker made. There were many legal and other problems, but Sunniva dealt with it all in an excellent way. She was reliable, helpful and attentive, and an invaluable intermediary to the lawyers. She went above and beyond of what she was committed to do, she sold with a good price, and is therefore highly recommended.

Kirsten B. Lorentzen
Gry and Håvard Skallerud
We have bought an apartment in Arguineguin with Sunniva as the broker. She has been very service-minded and solution-oriented throughout the process, and has always provided fast, good and accurate information. We have had full confidence in Sunniva, which has been absolutely crucial for us when buying an apartment abroad. Gry and Håvard Skallerud
Signe and Børge
Dear Sunniva. We want to thank you and your staff for fantastic help when we bought an apartment in Puerto Rico. It was well organized, safe and seriously. As a first time buyer we were in safe hands and we would certainly recommend you to everyone we know. Best regards
Signe and Børge
Ole and Marianne Øiestad.
We were lucky enough to get in touch with Real Invest when buying an apartment about seven years ago and also now for the sale of the same apartment in Puerto Rico. The manager of the company is Sunniva who is just fantastic in every way. The purchase of the apartment went without any problems. When we asked questions or needed help with things like craftsmen or translating documents from Spanish authorities, banks or whatever, we went to Sunniva and were greeted by an equally gentle and helpful lady who arranged everything for us every time. This was not her responsibility, but she and her team helped us each time anyway. Now Sunniva and Real Invest have also helped us to sell the apartment. They have also carried through the sales process safely and well. It can quickly emerge things that you do not completely control yourself, but then Sunniva has fixed it, one time after the other. We have been treated wonderfully in every way. If we ever are going to buy or sell something on Gran Canaria again, then its no doubt about who we want to contact. We would strongly recommend Real Invest and Sunniva's team to those who are looking for a serious and safe agent. Ole and Marianne Øiestad.
Rolf Morten Karlsen
Hi Sunniva,

Your job for us was absolutely perfect and for that I would recommend you.
You were very orderly and delivered well beyond what I expected.

Best regards

Rolf Morten Karlsen
Solveig and Jostein

We are very pleased with the whole process of purchasing our apartment. We have felt very well taken care of and have trusted you a 100% with the job you have done. We recommend you to others.


Solveig and Jostein
Hugo Lismont & Danielle Willems
Dear Sunniva,

We can’t thank you enough for the almost impossible job you did for us by selling our apartment.

With a tenant that didn’t want to leave our flat, the sale was copletely blocked. We wanted to give up several times to let the bank reposess the apartment.

But you told us not to give up, as the consequence of that would be loosing quite a lot of money and being responsible tot he bank and authorities for debts etc.

Even though this was a minimum fee sale for you, you never gave up and always came up with new solutions every time a problem appeared.

We are 200% happy with you and your job.

Without you, this would be impossible.

You carried through the sale in a trustable and correct way.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kind regards,

Hugo Lismont & Danielle Willems
Bente Prestøy and Bjarte Vevatn

Our meeting with Real Invest and property consultant Oskar Husby has been problem free from the very beginning.

We contacted Real Invest and several other companies as we were to sell our apartment and buy a new apartment on Gran Canaria.

From the information we provided, Oskar and Real Invest had full hits according to our wishes and requirements on the apartments he showed us. So the choice of using them was not difficult.

We experienced both the sale and the purchase smoothly and efficiently. Everything was arranged for us as we could not always be present during all of the process.

The communication has been good and informative all the way.

No hidden surprises appeared during the process, neither on the sale nor the purchase.

Oskar and Real Invest have also assisted in other matters where we have requested assistance.

We recommend Real Invest as a partner for both buying and selling property on Gran Canaria - they appear to be an honest and a solid partner who has extensive experience and knowledge of the property market on Gran Canaria.

With best regards
Bente Prestøy and Bjarte Vevatn
Mona and Kurt Nilsen
A big thank you to all of you at Real Invest. Sunniva, Silja, Oskar, and the kind lady in the office. Because of you, our apartment at Monte Carrera got sold in a safe and tidy manner. Always quick feedback when we asked for something.To you who want to sell or buy, we can safely recommend Real Invest .
Regards Mona and Kurt Nilsen. Telephone. 004795734534.
Marita & Rolf Petter
Sunniva, Silja and Oskar have done a good and professional job for us in the sales process, where you have had several viewings,
prepared all the documents and kept us up to date etc.

We simply went to Ålesund to the district court to get verification, and Stig went to Molde the following day to get the
apostille stamp

I would like to add a good word for you in Real Invest GC, and please use us as a reference!

Best regards

Marita & Rolf Petter
Arvid Almli
Hi Oskar

Here's a feedback on my experience of buying the apartmen in Brisa Marina:

We rented an apartment centrally in Arguineguin that we liked very well and we were offered to buy it.

I quickly realized that I could not do this without professional help and took a round to look for current real estate agents to find out who could best assist me with the purchase.

The election fell on Real Invest G.C. with Oskar Husby as the agent.

The purchase transaction went very well. Quick and accurate communication all the way and good advises when unforeseen demands from the seller appeared.

Thank you and all the best recommendations from me.


Arvid Almli
John Anders Hoel
Just want to say thank you very much for the help with the sale of our apartment on Gran Canaria. It was a trouble-free process that can be recommended to others who are looking for a broker whether it's buying or selling

Best regards
John Anders Hoel
Karin and Johnny Slotterøy
As first-time buyers of a holiday home in Gran Canaria, we had the pleasure of knowing Sunniva Torset, owner and manager of the real estate company Real Invest Gran Canaria.
Sunniva has impressed us throughout the process with great knowledge and expertise about the market; all the way from first contact, through viewings and to a completed purchase.
All communication from her has been quick and accurate, without room for misunderstandings.
Our wishes and specifications have been carefully taken care of all the way.
She also has a large network that involves everything from legal requirements, insurance, bank to craftsmen.
Sunniva is also a person who is easy to like, she is very sympathetic and trustworthy .

We have no problems giving Sunniva Torset our warmest recommendations.

Karin and Johnny Slotterøy
Bodø 110118
Bente Kulild
Thank you for your quick and helpful assistance in completing the sale of my apartment.
With your expertise, knowledge and professionalism, you gave me confidence and trust throughout the sales process.
You answered quickly to my questions with professionalism and excellent service.
Thank you and good recommendations from me.

Bente Kulild
Monika Boppart
Good day, Axel Kubisch

Thank you very much for your competent advice's. I have received answers to all my questions very quick.
Because of this I have realized my dream of buying a property in Gran Canaria.
I will recommend you to others and wish you good luck in your career

Best greetings,

Monika Boppart (Switzerland)

Ann BackLund
I was looking for an apartment on Gran Canaria during 3 years, Oskar knew exactly what i was looking for and he found an apartment in Vista Taurito for me. Big balcony,
Sea views, quiet area, everything i could wish for. Thank you for your patience and quick feedback's on e-mails. 5 stars to you!

Best regards

Ann BackLund - The happy owner
Hi Sunniva

Greetings from Terje, he said thank you for very good job.

We are very grateful for the efforts you have made.

And we are incredibly happy with you!

Organized and properly.

Regards Mona
Mette Helen Pedersen
A big thank you to the real estate agent Oskar Huseby, who has been absolutely fantastic during the entire sales process, without him we would never have been able to make this sale. He has helped us far beyond what's written in the contract. We recommend him strongly and are happy to be a reference if anyone should need it.
Mette Helen Pedersen

Randi and Gunnar Kristiansen
We have just bought an apartment in Playa del Ingles through Real Invest / Oskar Husby. We are very pleased with the follow-up and service we received from the broker throughout the process. We would recommend Real Invest strongly to those who are interested in buying a property here on Gran Canaria.

Randi and Gunnar Kristiansen

Fernández Pajuelo -
The experience with you was unbeatable (and we say that, because it is the truth). Do not worry - we are more than satisfied with all the steps in the process and in the way we were received - you will be highly recommended among our friends (who also own properties in the south). I just have to thank you for all your help and professionalism (we had lost all hope)

Again a millions thanks for everything Axel and you did for us, lots of luck in your sales (you deserve it) Warm greetings.

Family Fernández Pajuelo -
Lillian and Per Arne Reppe
In 2016, we bought a bungalow in Playa del Ingles through Real Invest with Sunniva Torset as our agent.

We are very pleased with the followup before, during and after the purchase.

Very good service, quick feedback and punctuality.

Based on the experience we had, we recommend using Real Invest when buying a property on Gran Canaria.

Lillian and Per Arne Reppe

SpareBank1 - Bank 1 Oslo Akershus AS, CEO Torbjørn Vik. '
Sunniva Torset and Realinvest G.C was recommended by our lawyer in Gran Canaria and she soon proved to be an excellent choice. The company has assisted us with around 100 sales transactions on the apartments in the complex Monte Carrera in Arguineguin on Gran Canaria and we have only received positive feedback. Sunniva provide top service and have always ensured that both buyer and seller are safely taken care of. We give her our best recommendations.

SpareBank1 - Bank 1 Oslo Akershus AS, CEO Torbjørn Vik. '
Richard and Irene p.
In January we decided to buy an apartment on gran canaria. After a successful appointment and several visits by Mr. Axel Kubisch, we decided to buy a 40m2 apartment in the south of gran canaria.
Mr Kubisch advised us well and made all our preparations for our satisfaction in our absence. So the next visit to the island was already after 2 months and the contracts with the notarian and accounts where closed.
Without any knowledge of spanish, it would have been difficult for us to deal with all matters. The real estate employee Axel Kubisch, who is from Germany and has been living here for 20 years, has made our assignments easier after the conclusion of the contracts.
Thanks Axel

Richard and Irene p.
From the Black Forest
Anette and Bjorn Valaker
We started exploring the market in Mogan 5 years ago with a goal to purchase a property. During these years we have been in contact with various agencies and when we were ready to start a purchase process it was not difficult to choose Real Invest. Knowing that this is a serious actor in the industry is very reassuring.
Real Invest has shown that they know the market well and provide good information about the different areas. They have contact with a skilled and independent lawyer who represented us in various meetings in the purchase process.

Oskar is very service-minded and a very incredible sales consultant and he was available at all times of the day. Oskar is a little inexperienced, but he compensated it in a nice way to gather information when it was needed.

I will just finally say to Oskar that we have been very pleased to have you as our property consultant. You've been gentle and patient with us all the way, although sometimes we've been a little stressed. Because this is a unknown territory for us and we are used to having the control, so when we do not have it, then we stress a bit :) The feeling of having a serious agent with us in the process has been important for us. Thanks for all the help along the way.

We can recommend Real Invest if you want to buy a property in a safe and secure manner.

Anette and Bjorn Valaker
Håvard A. Bjerke
Oskar made a very good impression from the start. There is no doubt that he has extensive experience and considerable expertise within the property marked on Gran Canaria and what is needed for a good cooperation and understanding. He also is very charismatic and professional which is reassuring for both seller and buyer. All the way, from start to finish, he was available and made sure that the process went well and efficient, characterized by control and skills in a comfortable way that we really liked. I would strongly recommend Oskar to others who are considering to buy a property.

Sales manager/Authorized real estate agent MNEF.

E-mail :
Trine and Svein Eckle
We bought a property in Arguineguin in February 2015 through Silja in Real Invest GC.
She did a wonderful job. Good service and follow-up from beginning to end.
Even after the purchase the firm has been very welcoming and helpful when we had questions.
We would strongly recommend Real Invest when buying a property in Gran Canaria.
Trine and Svein Eckle

Email :
Gerd Holmen
We sold our house and bought an apartment in Gran Canaria in 2015. Real Invest Gran Canaria was the company that took care of everything. -Efficient and reliable people. They took their time with us, and we felt that they did what we wanted the whole way, or corrected us when this was necessary. Everything went perfect for us and they provided us with a Norwegian-speaking lady at the lawyer´s office who helped us with all the paperwork, we were confident throughout the whole process. This company is recommended as nr. 1 here on the island. We've lived here for 15 years, so I can truthfully say that we know about almost everything. Would also recommend Computer Service if you want to have internet etc. Norwegian speaking, service-minded people. Good luck with everything.

Gerd Holmen
Ana & Kristian
We bought an apartment of Sunniva, Real Invest, in January 2016 and we are very pleased with the whole purchase process, from start to finish. She studied what we were looking for and we got a quick overview of the current options, something that made the buying process efficient.
Everything was done in a professional and safe manner, with good service and follow-up in the process. As customers, we felt well taken care of.

All the practical matters got taken care of by Sunniva.

We can definitely recommend using Sunniva and Real Invest to find your holiday apartment.

Ana & Kristian
Ola Skrivervik and Rose-Karin Mulstad
We have used Real Invest Gran Canaria both for purchasing and selling property on Gran Canaria and we are very satisfied with the way that the processes have been handled. A combination of legal and real estate competence together with the ability of quick responses makes Real Invest GC unique. Sunniva Torset defends the interests of the clients in the best possible way. She has our best recommendations.

Regards, Rose-Karin Mulstad and Ola Skrivervik

Ola Skrivervik
Nammo Inc. – 2000 N 14th Street #250 - Arlington VA 22201 USA
US-Mob +1 703 980 4348 – NO-Mob +47 917 35 639
Jostein Røkenes
Hello, im very pleased after buying with Real Invest . Everything went well although I was in Norway and bought the apartment
through pictures and text . I really recommend them.


Jostein Røkenes

e mail

Gry and Geir Larsen
After having been looking for apartment in Gran Canaria a while the choice fell on an apartment in Monte Carrera in Arguineguin. We are well known in the area since we have been here many times on holiday. I also have a friend who has an apartment in the same complex, which made us even more sure. We chose Monte Carrera because it is most Norwegians who owns apartments there and the community board is also exclusively Norwegian people. We have heard enough horror stories about owning an apartment in a building with many other nationalities and the challenges it entails.
We have also heard and read about several people who have used brokers who have not followed up the purchase or followed up in other areas which have caused much trouble and additional costs associated with the purchase of an apartment abroad.
We chose Real Invest and Sunniva as a broker and bought the apartment unseen (had only received some pictures) because we couldn't go down to see it because work etc. We received a mail where she told us what kind of documents we needed to send back from Norway since we couldn't be present to takeover the apartment. We also wanted to make some changes in the apartment before we started to use it. Sunniva arranged with craftsmen and negotiated a good price for the changes we wanted to make. Throughout this process we received excellent feedback about the status of the work and comprehensible invoices etc.
With this little feedback I want to thank Sunniva and Real Invest for a very nice and orderly purchase and an awesome nice service ...
So do you go with a dream about buying an apartment in Gran Canaria and want to talk to someone who has been through such a process, we can be contacted by phone +47 93 44 03 35

Gry and Geir Larsen
Kaare & Johnny
We have bought through Sunniva 3 times, the last time a bungalow in Playa del Ingles .
We have experienced a big confidence by buying / selling apartments through Sunniva . Sunniva has full control and helps you through the entire process . She is genuinely interested in you as a customer and considers well your wishes. She knew what we were looking for and found our dream house .
If its anything you need help with after the purchase she will help you to guide you through the Spanish residential system. Everything from craftsmen, electricians, locksmiths, Internet company's or gardeners.
If you buy with Sunniva you are in good hands - we warmly recommend Sunniva and her Real Invest Gran Canaria.
Thanks for the help!

Kaare & Johnny
+47 93403130
Margith and Arild Eikrem
Regarding the purchase of our holiday apartment in Puerto Rico, we used Sunniva Torset from Real Invest. We experienced Sunniva as a skilled and structured agent, where she took care of our wishes. After the sale was completed, we could also call her if it was something we had questions about. We highly recommend Real invest.

Margith and Arild Eikrem
Phone +47 90987748
Gerd and Bjorn Kolnes
We bought a house in Sonnenland with the help of Sunniva .
When purchasing a house on Gran Canaria you might get some small challenges. It did it with us as well, but by using Sunniva we got good help to solve the challenges. We always felt that we were in good hands and will recommend Real Invest GC v / Sunniva to others.

Regards Gerd and Bjorn Kolnes , Peat Berg Road 5 , 4055 Sola
mobile 0047 93,048,400 .
Kari and Arve Goa
"We are a family from Nordmøre in Norway who had thoughts of buying an apartment on Gran Canaria. One day we saw an apartment that was a bank repossession which Real Invest GC had for sale

We contacted Sunniva and got sent lots of pictures and got detailed information about location, condition of the apartment etc . We made ​​an offer and then bidding period finished and we had bought an apartment unseen .

The main reason why we took a chance on this is that we are from the same place in Norway and we could rely fully on her. Everything around this went smoothly.

Silja helped us later with the rental when we wanted to rent it out . In the rental period, they helped us to hire craftsmen who we could trust.

We can highly recommend buying an apartment through Real Invest GC

Kari and Arve Goa

0047 90894400
Bjørg Jensen
We are very satisfied with the job you did regarding the purchase of our apartment. Broker Oscar was just amazing. The same was Claudia who took good care of us during the process with the bank and major offices. We speak gladly about the service we received to others. Have a nice day!
Bjørg Jensen
Grovfjordveien 1580, 9446 Grovfjord
Tlf. 97574120 e-post:
Jorunn & Kjartan Virkesdal
Thank you for professional and Thank you for a professional and great help with the purchase of our apartment in Puerto Rico. A skilled agent who helped us to find our dream-home. We got help with all the necessary formalities and we felt safe through all the proses.
We would recommend everyone who is thinking about buying a property on Gran Canaria to use Real Invest GC / Sunniva Torset and her team as their real estate agent


Jorunn & Kjartan Virkesdal
Hogne Kile
We are very pleased with the buy of apartment nr 922 on Monte Carrera through Real Invest . Lots of good advices about practical things, and the arrangement with the community and the caretaker on the complex
makes the investment a joy.

Quick and efficient with the paperwork .

Hogne Kile
Ragnhild and Bjorn Porsbøll
When decided to buy our holiday apartment on Gran Canaria , we were very keen to find a serious and professional broker . We chose to use Sunniva Torset the leader of Real Invest . Sunniva gave us a very professional and good treatment. She was very service
oriented and in addition to providing us our " dream apartment " she helped us with many practical matters so that we got a very nice start to our stay on the sunny island.
Sincerely Ragnhild and Bjorn

Ragnhild and Bjorn Porsbøll ( )
Barbro and Håkan Palm.
We were impressed by Real Invest's extensive expertise of Scandinavian laws and property purchases . We bought a gorgeous apartment on
Monte Carrera and we were surprised that everything was so easy to arrange. We designed the apartment our-selfs and a skilled handyman renovated it
quickly, efficiently and cheep. And the same applied to all the paperwork.
We can recommend to use Real Invest .

Barbro and Håkan Palm.
Åge and Toril Fredriksen
Hello to you!
You have done a fantastic job in Monte Carrera which we hope you will continue with.
We are very pleased with the service and the follow-up. We have always received quick feedback as soon as there has been something we were wondering about, very much appriciated!
Good luck in the new premises.

Åge and Toril
8208 Fauske
Mobile +47 95027532
Øyvind Jensen
Hello Sunniva,

Best of luck.

Realinvest by Sunniva Torset is a serious, highly professional real estate agency

Knowledgeable: Can a lot about both structural conditions and practicalities

Interested to hear what the customer is looking for

Engaged and do everything to find a solution for the customer

Provides input to the client in a way that evokes confidence and creates interest in buying

Good working capacity

No task too big and not too small

always available

Follows up and provide feedback

Linguistic strong - fluent in Spanish

Much knowledge about Gran Canaria / locals / laws and regulations

What she do not know she finds out


Sweet, nice and intelligent social

Oyvind Jensen


Mobile: +4792253891 | Tel: +4723897389
E-mail: oyvind.jensen @
Jon and Eva Omdahl Nilsen
We joined the Monte Carrera project in December 2003, from then until ReaIinvest took over, there has been a time with ups and downs, which led us to think, we had lost both our investments and our dream apartment in this amazing complex.
The change over to Real Invest has proven to be a positive experience for us-at first we were skeptical, but did find that their information was to be trusted, and that they kept their promises.
Sunniva and Tanja - who we've had the most contact with, both professional, helpful and efficient. They solve both small and big problems whenever possible.

Jon and Eva Omdahl Nilsen
5117 Ulset
mobile 0047 97 00 81 24
Åse and Knut Erik Steinbakken
Hello Sunniva,
Knut Erik and I am very pleased with all the help and service we received. We see you as a proffesional and serious, helpful and friendly person.

Åse and Knut Erik Steinbakken
mobile 004740638888
Ingeborg Anna and Tor Egil Lund
Congratulations with the new offices! Even though we will still see you at Monte Carrera, We thank you for always being there for us.
Ingeborg Anna and Tor Egil Lund
Lars Kjendal
Hello Sunniva

Bibbi and I wish to congratulate with the new offices. This must be the ultimate place for a company like yours. Would also like to commend you for your service you've shown us as buyers of Monte Carrera. Without your commitment to get the project on its feet, we probably wouldnt be owners today.
Another thing that I would like to commend you for is that you always come back with answers very quickly.

Lars Kjendal
mobil 004790026208
Bjørg and Sigmund Hovrud
Hello again!
The sales process and everything concerning this as well as law firm gets our highest recommendation.
Otherwise, we thank you for all the good hjep now under the moving-in phase.

Congratulation to the new office and good luck with the sales!!!
Bjørg and Sigmund Hovrud
mobile: 004790062600
Ronald and Hilde Marøy
We enjoy it here in Monte C.
It felt safe and professional
from day one.

Ronald and Hilde Marøy
mobile: 004748196480
Berit og Bernt Torbjørnsen
Hello Sunninva

It will not be difficult to find the right words describing our experience as clients with you and your company!

We go (finally..!) to G.C the 10th of December and we stay until 14th January.

Nice to hear that we do not lose touch with you and your staff when Monte Carrera is sold out.

We are well known in the local that you will now take over.

See you soon.

Best Regards

Berit & Bernt Torbjørnsen
Mobile: +47 90199793
John Anders Hoel
Experience with Real Invest - only positive, always nice to come to you!

John Anders Hoel
Mobile: 004797768900
Randi and Oddvar Ytternes
We bought the apartment in Monte Carrera in June 2013. It happened after considering several other homes in the area. Our meeting with Real Invest was professional from beginning to end. The formal Contract, relations with the Spanish authorities, etc went "smoothly".
The deed to the property was also completed in a timely manner. We felt some uncertainty about buying property in Spain, but the way Realinvest working on creating the necessary security for us.

Randi og Oddvar Ytternes
7562 Hundhamaren
mobil: 004791546190
Solfrid Rystad
Thank you so much for an outstanding service regarding to the purchase of our bungalow in Playa del Ingles. Your job and the quick feedback did that we felt safe throughout the whole process. We got all the information we needed, even more than that.

And thanks for the service after the purchase. You have been there to hand over keys to the entrepreneur, to install phone in our house, as an interpreter etc.

We wish you all the best in your new company, and if we should ever purchase again, we know who to contact.

Best regards,
Solfrid Rystad
Leo Isaksen
In the Spring of 2010 I wanted to do a property investment on Gran Canaria. Sunniva and I were in contact. I had my preferences regarding to location, size, price etc. After my requests, she showed me several alternatives. I was also shown apartments that were quite close to my wishes. In that way I got a good overview over the market before I made my choices. I will have to admit that I was quite skeptical about the purchase process. But she informed me about everything and she also told me what the total amount would be. I felt really safe since we used a lawyers´ office where they speak Norwegian.

If I should purchase another property or sell mine, I would use Sunniva Torset as an agent.

Leo Isaksen
Øystein Benjaminsen
In a quite complicated market and in a market where you could become a victim of unserious agents, Sunniva has given us lots of advice in a very good and professional way.

Both when it comes to giving good advice and the follow-up, we felt that we were in good hands. Feeling unsafe/unsure is quite normal when you are in the process of buying property in Spain. Everyone has heard stories of money getting lost or unfinished projects. Things take time and the bureaucracy is hard to handle. Sunniva made sure that this went smoothly and we never had any doubts; we knew it would turn out just fine. When we in addition to this feel that we got the best apartment on the island to a good price, we can´t be anything but satisfied!

Best regards,
Øystein Benjaminsen
IT Partner Bodø AS
Per Magne Jacobsen
As a buyer of an apartment in Playa del Ingles, I have only the best references to give Sunniva Torset as a sales person. She treated me with a lot of respect as a client, far above what you can expect. She is an honest seller who kept all the agreements that were made. She has also helped me after the purchase when I have asked for a favor. I will hereby give her the best recommendations if you want to do business with her!
Best regards
Per Magne Jacobsen
Sylvi and Ragnar Nielsen
We had an apartment on the mainland, Spain, but we wanted a better climate in the winter. We were in contact with Sunniva and went to Gran Canaria to see what she had to offer. We met a top professional woman who was an expert in her job: punctual, helpful, honest, patient, no pressure, she was always there for us, always in a good mood.

Sunniva found the perfect apartment for us, and she was also responsible for refurbishing the property. We are so thankful for the job that Sunniva has done. If you should buy something on Gran Canaria, we can strongly recommend Sunniva. She is the one. She speaks the language (Spanish) and also other languages fluently.

Thanks for your help, Sunniva,

Sylvi and Ragnar Nielsen
Inger and Rune Wettermark from Moss
Hi Sunniva Torset.
We want to thank you for the outstanding way you helped us to buy our apartment in Haiti, Puerto Rico.

Without your help and guidance we would never have been able to do it. You also recommended us a lawyer to secure the purchase.

It is rare to meet someone that open and honest as you in this business, who REALLY helps their clients.

Please don’t hesitate to use us as a reference.

Good luck with everything, Sunniva and thanks again for all your help.
Inger and Rune Wettermark from Moss.
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